Nerd 2

When the underwater world is too beautiful to look away, look to Shearwater's Nerd 2

The Nerd 2 dive computer offers its divers line-of-sight information. Designed to help keep your eyes on the beautiful blue world below whether swimming with wildlife, exploring wrecks and caves, cruising alongside a coral reef or focused on the task at hand, Nerd 2 gives your dive time, depth and limits at a glance.

** To show their support to the diving community, Shearwater is extending the product warranty to the fixed date of January 1st , 2023 for any new Teric, Perdix, Perdix AI, Petrel 2, and Nerd 2 purchased anytime in 2020. **

    • Near-eye remote display
    • Enhanced flexibility and reliability


    • Secure within your line of sight with the universal regulator mount
    • Crucial dive information at the glance of an eye
    • Micro LCD display and magnifying lens
    • Data appears as if you were looking at a 25 inch TV 12 feet away


    • The Nerd 2's custom design makes it the smallest Shearwater dive computer to date
    • 2 hole patterns allow for custom mount designs and compatibility with NERD 1 mounts
    • optional Shearwater mount kits available
    • 3 axis, tilt compensated digital compass
    • AI Functionality
    • Bluetooth integration
    • Two-button interface
    • 1,000-hour Dive log


    • Guaranteed depth of 300m/985ft
    • Multiple Modes
    • Mount works with most rebreather loops and regulators
    • 3 gas nitrox recreational computer
    • Multi-gas, trimix decompression computer
    • Closed circuit fixed PPO2
    • Closed circuit real-time monitoring of 1 or 3 O2 sensors
    • Semi-closed monitoring of PPO2 for 1-3 O2 sensors
  • Screen Resolution 320x240
    Display Type QVGA
    Battery Type Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
    Battery Life 18 Hours (Medium Brightness)
    Stopwatch Yes
    Gases 5 OC / 5 CC
    Dive Log 1,000 Hours
    Guaranteed depth 300m (985ft)
    Ballistic Nylon Case Included
    Rebreather Yes
    Digital compass Yes
    Upgradable firmware Yes
    Bluetooth Yes
    Air Integration Up to two Wireless Transmitters (optional)