Mares Octopus EPIC ADJ

The Epic Adj Octopus was designed by Mares to be the absolute top of the range. It is made of PVD-coated metal and is also designed for cold water use.

PVD is an acronym for Physical Vapor Deposition and indicates a technology used to deposit a thin metal film over various types of substrates. The process takes place in a vacuum chamber in which the metals to be deposited are evaporated. PVD coatings are particularly well-suited to innovative, advanced technical products.

The VAD system exploits the Venturi effect by conveying 90% of the air inside a lateral bypass. The airflow flows through it without encountering any levers and/or mechanisms and guarantees maximum performance even in extreme situations, such as diving in cold water.

The Twin Power System allows the VAD system's air flow to be controlled, ensuring natural breathing at any depth and providing the necessary amount of air in relation to the diver's demand.

Breathing comfort is adjustable according to the diver's needs thanks to a knob which is easy to use, even with thick gloves; a feature that Mares also applies to the purge button, which is large and pivoting, for easy and immediate use.

Pneumatic balancing completes the range of advantages of this second stage.

Supplied with a Superflex hose.

Maintenance and care: Mares recommends rinsing and carefully drying the Epic Adj octopus after every dive to avoid dirty and/or blue spots on the PVD surface due to limestone residue.