Fourth Element

Arctic Leggings


Fourth Element brings divers the Arctic, a two-layer insulating system built from high density, low bulk fabric ensuring maximum thermal protection. Lined with a fleece inner for superior insulation and comfort, the Arctic's advanced thermal insulating system means moisture from perspiration and suit leaks is wicked away and thermal protection is maximised. Suitable for year-round use underneath neoprene or membrane drysuits, the Arctic builds on the performance of the Xerotherm baselayer to be the perfect lightweight undersuit. Arctic leggings are the perfect addition to any drysuit diving kit for the South Island's year-round cooler waters.

    • Tested by the Norwegian Navy, the British Antarctic Survey Dive Team, the French Marines and the Danish Navy in real diving conditions from the Arctic to the Antarctic
    • Two layers of high insulation, low bulk fabric maximizing thermal protection and flexibility
    • Long overlap between top & leggings that prevents separation and cold spots developing
    • Comfortable fit with fleece inner
    • All seams flat-stitched for added comfort
    • Stirrups keep the leggings secure and make for easier donning
    • Machine washable
    • Available in wide variety of sizes (UK)