NCF Career Pathways

Career Pathways

Dive Industry

The recreational dive industry is all about having fun, showing people the amazing world below the surface and teaching people the skills that will turn them into a diver for life. You could work on a live-a-board boat, in a dive shop, on a cruise ship, you could travel or even live and work in a big city. 

Dive Education
Commercial Diving
and Aquaculture

With the demands of the gas and oil industry, as well as local infrastructure projects, commercial divers command good wages in an extremely challenging and diverse working environment. Aquaculture in New Zealand is also growing and there are many opportunities in the industry for qualified divers.

Scientific Diving

As more and more people become passionate about ways to conserve and manage the world’s marine resources, qualified scientific divers are becoming more sought after. Some area of science that can require a good of dive skills are marine science, freshwater ecology and hydrographic surveying.

Dive Education
Professional dive educators are needed in both the recreational dive industry and the tertiary education sector.  They need to have great dive skills, an excellent level of understanding of dive theory and be good communicators. As all of the related dive sectors grow, dive educators are in demand especially here in New Zealand.