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D7 Pro Cordura Mens

Preferred by Technical and Advanced divers and recreation divers with an eye for integrity

The D7 Pro Cordura is a high-End, reinforced Trilaminate Suit equipped with ISS, Waterproof's unique Integrated Silicone Seal system. Featuring an outer shell made exclusively of Cordura for superior durability and abrasion resistance and Kevlar®.  Fiber-reinforced knees and boots, the D7 Pro Cordura is built for the most rugged diving conditions. All divers both advanced and technical divers to regular sport and recreational divers with a preference for quality, integrity, and strength can dive with confidence in the D7 Pro Cordura. Tried and tested by our Dive Otago staff.

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    • Designed for divers by diver over years of continuous testing in harsh conditions.
    • Men's and Women's sizes available.


    • A separated vented H1 hood fits over the warm neck seal. Waterproofs exclusive Hood Air Venting System uses a one-way valve to vent annoying gas buildup in the hood. The HAVS hood features a 7 mm double layered protection in critical heat loss areas and glide skin seals for the neck and face.


    • Armored Dry Front Diagonal Zipper
    • Crotch Panel in Heavy-Duty Cordura and Crotch Strap
    • Schoeller Keprotec Military Grade Kevlar Knee Pads for extreme durability and long life.
    • Integrated Silicone Neck and Wrist Seals with Quick Cuff System
    • Seat That Grips - Polyurethane Embossing Non-Slip Back
    • Equipped with SI-TECH values, swiveling inlet valve and adjustable automatic outlet valve
    • Each suit is factory tested by an overpressure check.
    • Hi-end reinforced trilaminate suit with Cordura shell and integrated silicone seals


    • Seamless Design Under Arms and Crotch.
    • Chill-Guard Retains Body Heat and Protects Undergarments.
    • Anatomically Cut Kevlar Boots that Minimise Ankle/Calf Stress with Ultimate Strength and Flexibility.
    • Warm-Neck Valve System with the addition of a double value to drain the seal area when you surface.
    • Adjustable Torso System with Suspenders.
    • Power Pockets - Dual expandable pockets to organise the gear you need.
    • A Waterproof 1000 CORDURA bag is also supplied as standard, which can be carried as a backpack.

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