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Dive computer for freediving, snorkeling and spearfishing

Suunto D4f is a light yet robust feeling freedive computer, that makes underwater sports enjoyable. When diving, the D4f displays your present and maximum depth and calculates dive time and surface intervals for you, allowing you to fully concentrate on exploring the underwater world. Use the apnea timer to improve your breathing technique. After the dive you can browse the details of your dive from the logbook. The lightweight case with stainless steel bezel and mineral crystal glass make Suunto D4f not only a trusted tool when exploring the depths, but also looks good wearing day to day.

    • Steel case and sapphire crystal glass with antireflective coating
    • Apnea timer
    • Maximum depth 100m
    • Lightweight
    • Strong elastomer strap
  • Modes Freediving
    Safety Stop No
    Deep Stop No
    Digital Compass No
    Stopwatch Yes
    Tank Pressure No
    Multiple Tank Pressure Readings No
    Gas Switching No
    Gases None
    Backlight Yes
    Water Resistance 100m (328ft)
    Logbook Memory ~4h
    Dive History Lifetime
    Decompression Model None
    User Updateable Software No
    USB Cable (Optional)
    Mobile Connectivity No
    Battery CR2450

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