Seac Black Shark - Jacket & Pants combo

Seac Black Shark is a wetsuit for spearfishing. It is made of nylon-lined neoprene on the outside and open cell neoprene on the inside, so it is recommended to wet/lubricate the inside to avoid tearing the fabric.

The Seac Black Shark spearfishing wetsuit is made of glued and stitched neoprene with comfortable raw cuts on the edge of the hood, wrists and ankles. It is a two-piece wetsuit, consisting of a hooded jacket and high-waisted pants.

The neoprene jacket of the Seac Black Shark wetsuit features a beaver tail closure with two locks and a sternal protection in Melco Tape material for speargun loading. The pants have Powertex fabric protections on the knees and shins. The Seac Black Shark spearfishing wetsuit is available in 5mm neoprene; jacket and pants sold together. Always rinse after use.

  • “Raw cut” neoprene on the edges of the hood, wrists and ankles. 
  • Neoprene jacket provided with double-lock “beaver tail” closure with two frogs and sternal Melco tape protection for speargun loading.
  • High-waisted neoprene pants provided with Powertex fabric protections on knees and shins.

    Sizes are limited. Please call to ensure your size is available.